Friday, December 26, 2008

A lil stocking crazy...


First Christmas in our new home. Everything was great, we are blessed, especially with two very good, very handsome Boston boys as part of our little family. Merry Christmas to everyone we couldn't be with- we hope Santa was good to you too! Rocco and Dex each got a puffy, fleece-lined winter coat from Old Navy, new winter collars with tags and charms (Rocco's says "Best Friend" and Dex's says "Good Boy"), a tshirt each and lots and lots of stocking treats (two new Cuz toys, tennis balls, and stuffie squirels) and yummies too! Grammy and Grampy we are looking forward to our visit this weekend :)
Momma are serious with these jingle bells?! The stockings were hung by the window with care-stuffed with goodies, Santa had been there
Hey look! There's stuff in there!

This one's mine! There's an "R" on it! Give it to me!

Hey Dex! Look there's one here for you too, but I call dibs if you get any really good stuff!

You guys took too long- I'm gonna do this stocking thing myself!
He's got a Cuz- get him!

Just back away from the tennis ball Mommy.

Yes, Dex is sniffing that squirrel's butt

The boys model their new winter collars from Old Navy.

Dex with another tennis ball

The boys with their favorite stocking goodies-proceeding to destroy them

Dad hurry up with the goodies and no one gets hurt

We know there's more in there!

oooooohhhh turkey jerky sticks!

And beef puff patties!!

Our very best sits- now give us goodies!
Dad can I have your stocking too? I love stockings!

Rocco has the Bad Cuz

This is my Cuz you hear me? Go find your own!

Dex looking dapper in his Christmas duds

Iron Man in the Christmas tree- he even matches the red and gold

A present too?!

Hurry up! Let's see what's in it!

Licky tongue Dad means thanks for the presents!

Christmas Dinner: turkey with maple cranberry glaze, stuffing, mashed red potatoes with basil and chives, mashed sweet potatoes, garlic green beans and glazed carrots

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This one's for Dad

Dad loves Rocco in his hoodie :) Put your hood on!

Christmas is Almost Here at Last

Finally and just in time, the paperwhites have started to bloom

Dex peeking
Rocco too

Dex lounging-clean and dressed for Christmas

Boston booties sunning themselves

Tired boys recharging their batteries in the morning sunshine (note all the toys strewn about from a busy morning of tag and tug-of-war)

The Boston (complete with glittery gold halo) atop the Christmas tree

Check out our Christmas duds.

Mom and the boys hopped in the shower this morning- now they are all clean, dressed and ready for Santa! Only one more day to go!

Game Night

Dex snuggling

A rare moment- both boys in their beds together.

Rocco gives the Elvis lip

Is it time for the games yet?
All set up and ready to go!
Dex watches from under the table

No pictures pleaseDex helps Mom bake cookies for work
Rocco pooped from a busy weekend, sleeping with Dad on the couch.

Our Neighbors, Holly and Patrick, came over for Game Night on Sunday for some Monopoly as we all spent three days cooped up in our houses due to the snow.