Sunday, August 24, 2008

So Fresh and So Clean

This is what happens when you smell like a pond and look like a muddy, dirty mess ;)

Walk in the Woods!

What a great day! Scrambled eggs and bacon with breakfast, then off to Petco for a new collar, leash and tag, then to Borderland State Park. I am sooooooo tired tonight after a 3mile walk around (and in) the pond with Mom and Dad. I made a few new doggy friends along our walk, especially a four year old Boxer. I only got myself in little bit of trouble when after my swim Dad let me roll and roll in some dirt! Instead of the black and white Boston Mom and Dad went to the park with they came home with one in various shades of brown- which resulted in a bath :(

What a stud, huh?
Much to Mom's surprise- I jumped right in for a swim!

Rolling in the dirt after swimming! Wooohooo nice and dirty!

Me and Mom
With Dad

Refueling with a nice, cold drink of SmartWater
Dad and Rocco after a busy day and full tummies