Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Is it HOWLween yet??

Rocco does not have his Halloween costume yet, it is on the agenda for Mom this weekend. Still Rocco helped Mom bake Halloween Pillsbury Pumpkin cookies this afternoon and got into the Halloween mood with a fun print Halloween bandana. Rocco was happy he got to visit with Uncle Bobby today and wishes him "Good Luck" on his job interview tomorrow.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

An aMAZEing Corn Field Maze

While visiting Maine, Mom and Dad went to a cornfield maze with Jess's cousin Mikey too. (Rocco stayed home to be spoiled by Grammy and Grampy :) ) Mom says, "This was my first time trying a Corn Cannon- gotta tell ya- it was a lot of fun!"

Rocco meet Boogey

This is Grammy's minature Pot Belly Pig- Boogey- a good friend of Rocco's in Maine. They have a lot in common- squished noses, pointy ears, they love to eat treats and make funny noises...

A funny looking Boston terrier...

He has the right colors....but this Boston smells funny....

Where but Maine????

Yes, an upside down tree.

Fall Fun in Maine

Oktoberfest at the Abernaki Draft Horse Club. Rocco experience allllllll sorts of new sights, sounds, smells... Of course Rocco was a big hit, especially in his festive fall sweater. Thanks to Grammy and Grampy for having Rocco and the family visit this weekend- looking forward to going back to Maine for Thanksgiving!