Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dad and Dexter- Looks like Dad's a "Dog Person" After All

Watch out! Master Kisser on the Loose!

These two are big snugglers. Rocco and Mom usually go to bed first and Dexter likes to stay up and keep Dad company. Both Bostons found themselves into bed last night. Dexter slept on his back with his belly in the air, Joey had his arm around Dexter and Dexter had his head on Dad's shoulder.

Baking for "Thanksgiving"

Mom and Dad went to Lauren and Paul's for an excellent "Friends Thanksgiving". Everyone brought delicious dishes, Mom made an apple pie and an appetizer.

Dexter and the Big Blue Ball- Love at First Sight

Tonight Dexter played with a giant blue playground ball. He was in heaven. He bounced it off every room in the house and was in his element.

Tennis Balls Post Boston Terriers

Three tennis balls in one night- must be some sort of record....

Walking at the Taunton Dog Park

Rocco and Dexter on the rock wall

Dexter enjoying a nice walk on a cool Fall day.


Boston booty to end the day :)

Rocco and Dexter

Two handsome boys!

Sleeping while Mom makes dinner

This is Dexter, he is a sleepy gargoyle.

Nap time
Going for a Sunday walk

Monday, November 10, 2008 Dexter

Rocco has a new friend (hopefully), Dexter. Dexter is a 5 year old Boston from New Hampshire. Things are a bit tumultuous at this point, though they are good together on walks, in the car and while we are not home. We are hoping to add Dexter to the family...if everyone can learn to get together and all lives are made better in doing so.