Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Is it time for my party yet???

I have my birthday bandana...birthday hat...party decorations and favors....cake....Is it time for the party yet? Where are the friends and family?

What's A Birthday Without Presents??

What's in the box Mom? Is it for me?!
OOOOhhhh I Love Planet Dog toys! Here's an eggplant...with a treat inside! (Thank you Pawsmopolitan for the birthday cookies!)
Rawhide donut from Uncle Bobby and Keri
How do you get the treat out? Come out of there treat?! You hear me!
With the Planet Dog eggplant, on Mom's blanket, with my comfy sweater from Lauren, Paul, Foxy and Frye.
MMMMMMMmmmmmm I LOOOOOVVEE this donut!
Wearing my rabbit as a boa.
Fun with bunny.
Loofa dog from Holly and Patrick.
Wow! Lots of Goodies! Lots of Love!

Thank you very much...

Uncle Bobby and Keri for the Fantastic, Giant Rawhide Donut!

Lauren, Paul, Foxy and Frye for the Warm and Toasty Sweater- very handsome!

Holly and Patrick for the Yummy Treats and Fun Loofa Dog!

Mom and Dad for the cake, Planet Dog Eggplant, Raincoat, Stuffed Sheep, and Stuffed Rabbit!

And Thank You Mom for Making My Snuggle Blanket!

~ Love Rocco

Happy 4th Birthday Rocco!

Thank you to everyone who came out for Rocco's 4th Birthday Party. It is greatly appreciated, by Rocco and especially his Mom and Dad. Rocco had a great time visiting all his friends. Rocco has been an amazing addition to our family and we are thankful for him everyday, we appreciate your sharing him with us and supporting our little family.

Sharon Dog Park

In between rain showers.... A Visit to Sharon Dog Park. Very exciting, met some new faces, lots of exploring to be done.

Rain, Rain Go Away

Rocco got rain for his birthday weekend- at least he got a new raincoat to stay dry! But we had to cancel trips to the Football Game and Dog Park.

Birthday party, Sunday @6pm- pictures to follow asap