Friday, December 5, 2008

Tired Boys

The boys all fell asleep watching the Celts, they're all cute when they're sleeping ;)


The boys, in their respective beds, catch the Celts game with Dad.
Dexter gives his new bed a try.
Rocco snuggles with blankie.

Rocco's bed has blue stripes. Blue is Rocco's favorite color. Rocco likes to snuggle in bed with his blanket.

Dexter got this bed for his birthday, it is just like his brothers, but it is red. Red is Dexter's favorite color. Dexter likes to tuck his head into the bed.

Visions of Sugar Plums Danced in Their Heads

Dexter likes to snuggle next to the Christmas tree, maybe he is guarding his stocking hanging behind him...
You'll notice Dexter now has a bed to match Rocco, an early birthday present, his birthday is December 18th. Dexter thinks this bed is the perfect size to curl up and tuck his head into.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Brotherly Love

It's A Dog's Life

Dexter <3 Blankie

Dexter loves is blankies, his blue blanket is often the first thing he will run to the door with when we get home. He brings them everywhere on the floor, in the dog beds, in the livig room, in the car to Maine. He loves to snuggle the blankies, especially the red one which is Rocco's. Often Dexter will hold his blankets and suck on them.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

And Now....To Christmas!

Saturday morning brought Mom and Dad to Target for plenty of Christmas decorations to deck the house for Christmas.
Paperwhites from Voe are coming along. Festive gold table runner as our color scheme is red and gold.
The tree decorated and the stockings hung. Table centerpiece with red, gold and green ornaments and red and gold candle on a gold placemat. New black leather bench for additional seating and storage.

Rocco enjoying the Christmas decor. Red, green and gold pillows for the holiday season too.

Nutcrackers in the kitchen, Mom especially likes the Mouse King from "The Nutcracker".

The boys check out the Christmas tree.

Stockings for the boys too of course with monogrammed pins with their initials. Metal stocking holders shaped like wrapped presents. I wonder who has been naughty and nice....

Dexter Gets Some Alone Time

Rocco went for a Field trip with Grammy, Grampy, Uncle Bobby and Keri to NH to the farm store. While his brother was away, Dexter enjoyed some quality alone time with Mom and Dad.