Friday, January 2, 2009

Pics from Christmas in Maine

Rocco checks out some of Mom's presents (Notice Dex peeking in the background)
This is a present! Must be for me
PhotobucketDex snuggled with Grampy

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Mom and Rocco Story ;)

New Blankies- Boston Terrier Approved

It was time to get a new bed set-So we made the trip to Target this afternoon and got a really nice new set. Before we had a chance to sleep in them Rocco and Dex hopped in and gave a test run. Now they official have the Boston terrier seal of approval

Our Favorite Christmas Present

Grammy made the BEST Christmas present, it is Rocco and Mom's most favorite present. We are getting lots of snuggle time out of this excellent blankie, especially Rocco who is pretty sure it's his exclusively. We snuggle on the couch with it at night and then it comes to bed with us. Rocco makes a nest out of it and likes to lay on it then be wrapped up.

*Sorry for the poor pic quality, have to resort to cellphone camera until my NEW camera arrives...I will post better pics asap