Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Maine Weekend/Labor Day Weekend

A Side Note: For those of you wondering why we have not been posting- Camera troubles- first dead batteries, now the camera is in Maine- so there will be some delay in posting until we get the camera back and up and running- stay tuned!

This weekend I went with Mom on a mini-vacation before summer was officially over :(

We went to Plymouth to pickup Voe and then a looooooooong car ride to Maine, that;s okay with me though because I love car rides (and lucky for me, I'm not driving). I devoted equal time to looking out the front, surfing out the windows and sleeping (of course!).

I love visiting Maine- so many interesting smells! I saw a really strange looking dog, he was a little bigger than me and black too- but boy did he look and smell funny! Mom says he is some weird kind of dog called a "pot bellied pig", well, I liked him anyways and would've liked to share some of his popcorn...

I also got to visit with the horses, but Mom spoiled all the fun and wouldn't let me chase the barn cats :(

I did get a sniff "hello" from Lancer the Rottweiler.

Lots of pampering at Grammy's house! We went to a really great, big Agway and Mom got me a delicious smoked pig's ear. Then we went to a cow farm- they were black and white like me! Saw some baby cows and got some mmmmmmm delicious, organic peanut butter ice cream that I shared with Mom, too bad I couldn't bring some home for Dad...maybe next time.

We went to Kennebunkport for a day trip and visited the stores. I went to a really great doggie shop called "Scalawags" (http://www.scalawags.us/) where I tried on some cool jackets and a froggy bathrobe. Mom got me something for my birthday which is coming up soon! I guess I'll have to wait til then.

Below is a picture of me at Scalawags- I was a big hit there and all around Kennebunkport if I do say so myself! No sign of President Bush there though, maybe next time, I hear he is quite the dog lover.
Labor Day was super fun too! Mom only had to work half a day so Mom, Dad and I went next door to visit our neighbors Frye (the Yorkie) and Foxy (the chihuahua) and their Mom and Dad- Lauren and Paul. It was nice to be out on my tie-out enjoying good friends and the grass and sunshine. I had some hot dog too and Mom and Dad played croquette.
(This is me, smiling, in the presidential chair with a stuffed animal friend at "Scalawags" dog boutique)
To see more of Grammy's house in Maine visit: www.hoovesandhounds.blogspot.com