Monday, November 17, 2008

Something to think about....

A dog owns nothing, yet is seldom dissatisfied.
~ Irish Proverb

Why Boston Terriers Aren't in the Herding Group ;)

If Boston terriers were in the herding group...I'm pretty sure they couldn't do this to the sheep...

Dad and Dexter, Pt 2

While Mom and Rocco curled up with the book "New Moon" Dad and Dexter snuggle up for some football...

Who wouldn't love faces like these?

Tired from a Nice Weekend

Moooooommmmm I know you're in there without me!

Dexter never strays too far, he is begging to join Mom in the tubby. Most mornings Dad and Rocco sleep in while Dexter gets up with Mom while she gets ready for work and sleeps on the bath mat outside the shower.


Rocco and Dexter

Dexter and Dad

Rocco being nosy through the deck.

Like a little angel....

The deck is nice and warm in the sunshine.

Boston brothers on duty.



Maybe Bostons are solar powered- are they recharging the batteries?

A nice fall morning, the family spent some time enjoying the sunshine on the deck.