Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Are You Feeding Your Dog a Good Diet?

Like their human counterparts, dogs benefit from a healthy, well-balanced diet supplemented with the occasional treat. Diet is especially important when approaching the special needs of puppies and senior dogs, or dogs that are pregnant or nursing.

A GOOD dog diet includes: real meat as at least the first three ingredients

A Good diet does NOT include: meat byproducts and corn (which is indigestible to dogs)

When choosing snacks for your dogs, keep them limited and avoid products originating in China which may include chemicals toxic to your pet! Dogs enjoy healthy snacks too like apple slices or dehydrated apples, baby carrots, or green beans. You can also make your dog fresh jerky using a dehydrator and salmon, chicken or beef.

Don't forget your senior's special needs, with a daily supplement for healthy joints which includes glucosamine... our favorites are Sea Bones!

For dogs with food and other allergies- you may want to consider a minimally processed raw diet, we love Stella and Chewy's! Using fresh,raw, local and seasonal honey is also a great, natural supplement for dogs with environmental or seasonal allergies!

How does YOUR dog food stack up?? Visit: http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/dog_food_reviews/

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